The True Story of Man


Dennis Monroe presents theories of his work on The True Story Of Man, The Egyptian Chronicle. Follow his interesting concepts here on YouTube.


Dennis Monroe began researching and preparing his book titled "The True Story of Man: The Egyptian Chronicle" in 1978. After reading countless volumes written by the greatest minds of our times, Dennis Monroe began comparing century old maps, historic genealogy, and life science, along with astronomy and epoch events. After more than 15 years of research, Dennis Monroe was finally ready to write about our human history.

"The True Story of Man: The Egyptian Chronicle" is a creation story unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or read before. It spans the beginning of time to present day. This story involves Adam and Eve to the first pharaoh in Egypt, and includes each and every race on the planet that we call earth.

Have you ever wondered how Noah’s flood fits into Egyptian history? Is there proof that Adam and Eve existed in Egypt? Human history is constantly being re-written as new discoveries are made. Each new discovery builds upon the ideas and facts that each scientist, historian, and author spends a lifetime studying. "The True Story of Man: The Egyptian Chronicle" is no different; it builds upon the ideas and research of all generations of human kind.


“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

~ Sir Isaac Newton 1642-1727


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The True Story of Man, I love this book!

Amazing! I can’t believe how detailed this research is, and yet so easy to understand. I watch all the programs on the History Channel and National Geographic about human history and I thought I had seen it all. I have never seen anything like this anywhere on the Internet. I am so glad I read your entire book! Thank you so much!

Bill Jensen

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The True Story of Man

How did you come up with this interesting idea? I wish I found this earlier. This is the most unbelievable story I have come across in a long time. Keep up the research Dennis!

Dr. J. Santos




The True Story of Man: The Egyptian Chronicle. Buy this amazing book here.

Published in December of 2004 by Jones Harvest Publishing.